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Video conference Romanian Water Association and RNWP


The Romania platform of the Netherlands Water Partnership (RNWP) is asking your interest and availability for a sector meeting.

Following the presence of the Romanian delegation at Aquatech we are proposing a network meeting with the participation of the Romanian Water Association (ARA) via video conference. ARA has kindly offered to present to the Dutch network the current status of the Romanian Water Market following the first round of EU funds (2007-2014) and the expected developments for the period 2015-2020 considering the next 4bil EUR of investments from the EU and an improved public procurement law.

Participants will be able to interact with ARA directly and better define the role that the Dutch water sector can play in Romania. The RNWP will use the information gathered in this meeting for planning of next years’ activities.
Pick the date! 
For a higher participation rate, we are now asking interested parties to pick a date from a range of options. In order to efficiently analyze the responses, you are invited to fill in a very short questionnaire. The survey will take you less than one minute!

Once we have the answers processed, but no later than one week, you will receive additional details on where/how the meeting will take place. Please note that we need a certain minimum number of participants to hold the meeting.

For more information contact Ioana Dobrescu at i.dobrescu@nwp.nl.