NWP: Meer impact in
het buitenland

About NWP

Netherlands Water Partnership: Uniting Dutch Water Expertise

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is your gateway to the Dutch Water Sector. Companies, NGOs, Knowledge Institutes and Government have joined forces in this public-private partnership. From water purification to spatial planning, from governance to land reclamation, from small scale solutions to mega structures, the partnership has the expertise. The members of the partnership work together to offer sustainable, multifunctional water solutions for people, planet and profit worldwide.

The partnership, consisting of 200 members, acts as a centre of information on water expertise, policy developments and market opportunities. But NWP is more than an information source; the organization also initiates, coordinates and executes projects for its members and organizes trade missions, exhibitions and conferences. Let’s work together!
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For more information about Dutch water expertise, projects, knowledge, education and events around the world, please check the website www.dutchwatersector.com