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Dutch participation AQUATECH Mexico 2016


From 26-28 of October 2016, the Aquatech Mexico will take place in the WTC in Mexico City. The exhibition expects to have around 130 exhibitors and around 3.000-4.000 visitors. The event will cover the entire Aquatech portfolio: water treatment, waste water treatment, process control technology, transport & storage, and point-of-use technology. We consider this event as a good opportunity to promote and postion the Dutch water technology sector in Mexico and facilitate networking and matchmaking opportunities. Therefore, we are planning the organisation of a Dutch pavilion, including side events.

The event will be visited by government officials from municipal, regional and state government bodies, private and public water supply companies, industrial water users (i.e. automotive sector, food & beverage industry), manufactures, OEMS, distributors and wholesalers, contractors, researchers and knowledge institutes

The Aquatech Mexico is co-located with The Green Expo, which is a Mexican trade show that will see it’s 24th edition in October this year and is organized by EJ Krause. The Green Expo is Mexico’s largest and leading trade show where solutions and new technologies are presented by ecological and sustainable companies to the public and private sectors. The show attracts over 10,000 attendees each year and visitors are encouraged to visit Aquatech Mexico as well. Next to this, there will be a WaterMex conference, which it is part of the Aquatech Mexico and it can be sponsored. The conference is organised by Conieco with support of Conagua and Aneas, the most important Mexican water organisations. 

If you are interested to particpate in the joint activities regarding the Aquatech Mexico, please register here

For more information about Mexico, you can contact Edilberto Baquero, e.baquero@nwp.nl.