NWP: Meer impact in
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Information solutions for water and climate issues; campaign launched


Water and climate related challenges of the German GIZ, the Dutch Water Authorities and the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre were discussed with six Dutch companies in the field of Smart Information Solutions for Water & Climate. During a session at the European Space Solutions Conference in The Hague on May 31st an integrated approach where companies jointly work towards tailor-made solutions that answer the needs of end-users was presented. 

Geodata, derived from satellite data, which is converted to relevant information and applications on climate, weather, water, soil and agriculture can help city planners, food producers and other stakeholders in urban deltas to cope with these new challenges. 

The session on 'Smart Information Solutions for Water & Climate in the Urban Delta' took participants on a journey through how smart information solutions are used to provide water managers, policy makers, companies, farmers (cooperatives) and other end-users with better insight into their water resources and helping them optimise their operational business processes, manage risks and reduce the potential impact.

The session is summarized in a short film to indicate the direction this sector, with the support of NSO and NWP, is heading and the innovations it has to offer when needs of the client are catered to. Examples of these solutions such for water- geomatics- space and agriculture can be found in the online portfolio

For questions or additions to the portfolio please contact l.devries@nwp.nl, orinfo@nwp.nl.