NWP: Meer impact in
het buitenland

Meeting with companies in Argentina - Send us your inputs!


The Dutch Embassy in Buenos Aires and the Dutch Argentine Chamber of Commerce are organizing a meeting on October 11th for Argentine construction companies planning to participate in projects of the Argentine National Water Plan. The plan consists of 38 projects, each with a link to the website, for which the government is inviting companies to “express their interest to participate” latest on December 15th, 2017. The projects involve potabilization plants, wastewater purification plants, installation of new, or replacing of old, sewage systems, aqueducts both for irrigation and drinking water provision and several more. The projects are spread all over Argentina.

Taking into consideration that members of the NWP will participate in the IWA Congress in Buenos Aires in November this is a good opportunity to identify Argentine companies with an interest to learn about Dutch technology that may be offered for these projects.Companies interested in presenting themselves to the participants of the meeting on October 11th, are invited to send, latest Monday October 9th, a one-page leaflet in pdf format for printing in Buenos Aires and inclusion in the papers of the meeting. If possible in Spanish, but English is also welcome of course.

Speakers at the meeting will be the Dutch Ambassador, the Argentine Sub secretary of Hydraulic Resources, there will be a link with the FMO to mention financing possibilities and speakers will discuss the Argentine Public Private Partnership laws.  Please send your document to NWP: Audrey Legat, a.legat@nwp.nl.