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Wanted: International consultant for Midterm Evaluation Ghana


Consultants can apply for conducting a Midterm evaluation in Ghana. The Government of Ghana, with funding from the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat, is implementing a four-year project dubbed “Increased resilience to climate change in northern Ghana through the management of water resources and diversification of livelihoods”. The Midterm evaluation (MTE) will assess progress on project objectives and outcomes as specified and maps the necessary changes to keep the project on-track to achieve its intended results. The MTE will also review the project’s strategy.
A team of two independent consultants will conduct the MTE - one team leader and one local team expert from Ghana. The deadline for application is July 13. More information and application.  

For questions regarding Ghana you can contact Audrey Legat, project officer West-Africa, a.legat@nwp.nl.