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Zambia strategic advice on maritime projects


Through the Netherlands Embassy contacts were established with NWP/RVO which resulted in the November 2014 Zambian incoming mission with exposure visits to several Dutch maritime firms and organisations. Intensive exchange during and after the mission with the Netherlands Maritime sector lead to several Dutch firms and organizations expressing their interest to continue to work with the Zambian Maritime sector. From both Zambian and Dutch sides follow up initiatives since the mission in 2014 did not work out adequately. Further operationalization of the prioritized projects was lacking and ongoing communication with the department was limited. In a letter dated July 7, 2016 the Permanent Secretary has requested for a mission to support development of the priority projects. In this mission, the report will, where possible include comments about communication between the Dutch sector and the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications and other institutions and actors at Mpulungu harbor/Lake Tanganyika.  

The mission will focus on projects which are prioritized by the ministry in the Zambian Maritime sector. The priority projects are: 
1) survey and registration of vessels 
2) formation of a shipping line 
3) digitalization of the national vessel registry. 
4) establishment of harbour administrations 
5) establishment of marine training school and safety of navigation facilities on waterways 

The projects 1-3 are high priority projects while 4 and 5 are medium priority projects in the ministry. The project 1, 2 and 3 will be implemented in the context of Mpulungu harbour/Lake Tanganyika. It is the only inland port with access to the Great Lakes region and consequently with the highest maritime traffic flow. It will also have high trade and passenger volumes. The idea is to implement these projects first in this region because of these attributes and then roll them out to lower passenger and cargo throughput waterways and harbours. 
The principal outlook of the mission is to clarify and provide a framework for the implementation of the priority projects. The focus will be to facilitate sustainable development and optimal Dutch exposure to the region. Were possible the report will refer to other developments within Northern Zambia such as the large scale agriculture investments which may result in increased export of agriculture produce to countries within the Great Lakes Region through Mpulungu harbour. Specifically African Development Bank (AfDB) allocations to carry out a feasibility study to upgrade Mpulungu harbor and invest in construction of harbor infrastructure. 

An advice on how to take these projects a step further including the possible implementation of Dutch financing instruments is essential for these projects and will be included in the report. In order to achieve this IFI’s, which have not yet been approached for funding and implementation of the project works will be approached prior and during the mission. Discussions will include elaboration on the mission objectives and obtaining insight in policies and procedures of IFI funding. Options of combined IFI funding with the Dutch financing instruments will also be at the agenda. 

For more information please contact: w.klaassen@nwp.nl en m.feltmann@nwp.nl.