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Zimbabwe - 3 days business development and matchmaking mission


In July, the Netherlands Embassy, Harare, RVO and NWP will organise a Zimbabwe – Netherlands Water Sector Business Platform meeting in Harare. The key purpose of the Platform meeting is to match interested Dutch water sector actors with companies and organisations in Zimbabwe. The matching is based on the Needs Assessment study (2015), which has identified the major drinking water sector needs in Zimbabwe (EKN/RVO/NWP).

A study visit to the Dutch Water sector by a number of Zimbabwean water sector organisations and semi-/government representatives (February 2016) has resulted in expressions of interest of several Dutch Water sector actors to form joint ventures and otherwise collaborate with the Zimbabwean sector.

The 3-days business development and matchmaking mission which is planned for July, offers the opportunity for both water sectors to meet with each other, share information on basis of the water sector needs in Zimbabwe and seek contacts with the IFI's (International Financial Institutions) in Zimbabwe.

The Netherlands Embassy in Harare will play a facilitating role in the implementation of this Water Sector business development mission. The mission is planned for the month of July. As soon as dates are confirmed these will be communicated with the Dutch Water sector. In view of mission planning it is appreciated if NWP could be informed about your tentative interest to participate in the mission. Please contact Wim Klaassen (w.klaassen@nwp.nl) and Maaike Feltmann (m.feltmann@nwp.nl) before the 16th of June.